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Andrei about Athens

GerganaCityAthens“I had never traveled to Greece before so I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew of Ouzo and olive oil, gyros and Grexit. And of course about the gods and the heroes, and Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – whose Poetics is still the best scriptwriting manual out there. I fell in love with the city from the first day, somewhere between my first glance of the Acropolis at night and my first authentic Greek dinner in a taverna. Over the next four days I would have plenty of both and still not get enough… well, maybe my doctor would disagree about the latter.

After the intense experience of the The 5C Project I am left with these images: the tiny one way streets crowded with small cars, orange trees, people and a lot of cats; neratziathe chaotic traffic where pedestrians stop cars to cross the street and drivers don’t get mad; the city’s vibrant protest culture that is omnipresent in the street art you can see on almost every wall (I was told we were lucky enough to only have on protest during our four day stay); the commuters coming out of the metro and up the escalators with the Exodus sign above to guide them.”