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The Quiet Touch of Correction (2007)

A review of Thanos Anastopoulos’ 2007 drama, Correction (Diorthosi – original Greek title). Quietness is prominent in Thanos Anastopoulos’ 2007 drama Correction (Diorthosi – original Greek title). With its sparse dialogue and omission of a score (any non-diegetic sound for that matter until the very end), Correction may be quiet, but it manages to say …

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Film Criticism; a Pure Form of Art?

A reflection on Jean-Michel Frodon’s masterclass. Much like any other art form, the artist recognise for whom the audience for their art is for and also need to recognise if changes need to be made to cater to that specific audience. The art of film criticism is very much the same. One must know who …

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Rhiannon about Athens

“As a 21 year old, undergraduate from the North the England, I was very much in the beginnings of my film industry experience. That and being a Balkan outsider, I was scared that the experience was going to be daunting, overwhelming and that I wouldn’t feel worthy of a place as one of the 5C …

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