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Altcine is a company that has considerable experience in these types of events, mostly through coordination and management of the online short film festival, altcineAction!; the co-organisation of a symposium on “Early Balkan Cinema” in Athens and several film literacy seminars in Athens, which are focused on film analysis. The festival’s director, Electra Venaki, a former film editor, is a lecturer at the Metropolitan College and N.Y. College in Athens, and she regularly collaborates with the University of Thessaly. Electra is the founder of altcine.com, a unique online platform dedicated to Balkan cinema.



Balkan Cultural Centre is a non-profit cultural association based in Split, Croatia, established in 2014, by a group of young scholars and culture industry professionals. Its main goals are the promotion and development of common shared cultural and artistic expressions throughout the region, as well as active research and implementation of new models of cultural activities within existing institutions in the city of Split and the Balkan area.


Adriapol Institute aims at providing guarantees for the vertical integration among the various levels of governance, and the stakeholders involved in the territorial governance (local, regional, national, private sector, civil society, etc.) as well as for horizontal integration among various sectors of public activity. The institute strives to create an attractive and lively city based not only on the Innovation and Creativity but also by cultivating this as a daily philosophy. Adriapol is relatively new but has ensured its sustainability and versatile multi-sector integration, due to an indispensable demand for the urban, economic, cultural, technological development of the community and its life improvement. Some of the institution’s projects include: an International Forum on the Smart City, an International Forum on Creative economy; Youth Entrepreneurship; Ideation and the implementation of the project “Creativecity.al: The Platform of the Virtual, Artistic, Creative, Innovative and Entrepreneurship City”; Creative Morning Tirana and others.


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According to its statute the Balkan Cultural Institute Association aims making known the Balkan cultural values both between Balkan countries and outside the peninsula. In this respect it has organized activities related to the promotion of Balkan cultural values.

In May 2014 the Balkan Cultural Institute (ICB) organised courses for trainers and project managers in partnership with the Together for You Association/ Asociatia Impreuna pentru tine at the Lumina University of South-East Europe/Universitatea Europei de Sud-Est Lumina.