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Correction: No Country for Immigrants

Interrogating the shifting identities of immigrants and their haters, Correction (Thanos Anastopoulos, 2007) has a documentary style handheld cinematography in its depiction of migration as a current socio-cultural as well as economic phenomenon. It focuses on two characters; an Albanian immigrant and an ultra-nationalist Greek in Greece. The main protagonist Yorgos’ ‘destruction’ of an Albanian person implies the destruction of his own identity and potentially future, which …

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Gazing the Cinematic City of Split

Split is a very cinematic city with its cultural history, landscape, people and nature. Inspired by Boris Poljak, a great cinematographer, filmmaker and our ‘guide’ for a day, this photo diary represents my cinematic gaze over this little pearl of the Mediterranean beauty. Although multiplexes took over this part of the world too, the regional …

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On the Complex Harmony of Academia and Film Criticism

In his workshop on film criticism in Athens on the 22nd of January, 2016, Jean-Michel Frodon, who was an editor in chief of Cahiers du cinema, argued that film reviews are facts in society; they are academic materials but also (potential) works of art. In his ‘negative’ approach to film criticism, however, Frodon identified four bad …

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Özge about Athens

“In my experience of my stay in Athens, I was able to portray the urban decay in Athens but also the hopeful every day culture in Greece. In terms of Greek cinema, the representation in the short films such as Working Day, Seven Steps and Pledge were important for my understanding of different traditions in …

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