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Belgrade Film(E)scape

It was all quite unexpected, like an extra mid-credits scene in a superhero movie. Belgrade was a surprising extra stop in The 5C Cine Caravan across the Balkans, an event organized by Nevena Dakovic and Aleksandra Milovanovic, two professors from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. We had all met Aleksandra Milovanovic at Divan Film Festival …

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What happens in Cetate stays in Cetate

Ok, maybe the title is a bit of a clickbait, the 5 critics didn’t kill any bad filmmakers in Cetate. The real meaning would be this: there is no festival like Divan, and what happens there would be impossible to replicate in another place or festival. I’ve been going there for the last three years …

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My film(s) in Split

There is a Romanian expression that translates something like “the films in your head”, meaning the way you perceive something happened, or the way you want/ fear it will happen. I have a more literal approach to this (as most people who spend a lot of their time watching films do): I look at people …

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When cinematography is more than camerawork

A reflection on Olympia Mytilinaiou’s masterclass that turned into an impromptu review In 2013 I was in a film journalism workshop at the Venice Film Festival and everybody in my group was talking about this amazing Greek film screening there. I didn’t manage to see it then and it’s bizarre title, Miss Violence, so full …

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Film Criticism as a Parasitic Art Form

As I was going through the notes I took during Jean-Michel Frodon’s masterclass on film criticism I realized that… I can’t understand half of them. I mean literally, I have terrible handwriting. Hooked yet? Because this is the first thing that comes to mind from his lecture: captivate your audience from the start, the first …

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Restoring Wonderful to its Original Meaning

A Wonderful Night in Split / Ta divna Splitska noć (dir. Arsen A. Ostojic, Croatia, 2004)   The saying goes that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but A Wonderful night in Split is not exactly the kind of advertising you would want for your summer town on the Adriatic. Shot entirely inside Diocletian’s …

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