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Albanian Film Then and Now

I had two things on my mind while heading up to Tirana, the last stop of our cinematic journey: that I would be glad to visit the Albanian film archive which lately became popular in the film preservation circles because of the widely promoted Albanian Cinema Project; and that I wanted to catch up with …

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Humidity Rate in Serbian Cultural Life

Belgrade was a surprising extra stop in the cinematic caravan organized by prof. Nevena Dakovic and prof. Alexandra Milovanovic from the Belgrade University. And it actually came just in time to update me on the current state of Serbian cinema and local cultural issues which I was following more closely while still living in Bulgaria. …

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Correction: No Country for Immigrants

Interrogating the shifting identities of immigrants and their haters, Correction (Thanos Anastopoulos, 2007) has a documentary style handheld cinematography in its depiction of migration as a current socio-cultural as well as economic phenomenon. It focuses on two characters; an Albanian immigrant and an ultra-nationalist Greek in Greece. The main protagonist Yorgos’ ‘destruction’ of an Albanian person implies the destruction of his own identity and potentially future, which …

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