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Our editor is going to play (“Our Skin Is Going to Gray, d. Ivan Bakrac, 2014)

During Divan Film & Food Festival, the Cine Caravan attended a workshop “In/Outside the Editing Room”, held by Aleksandra Milovanovic, a teacher at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. The 5 critics were supposed to apply the knowledge obtained at the workshop by writing an analysis of a film seen in Cetate. Although the …

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Divan film, food, drink and friendship festival

Forget all about classy, glamorous film festivals, red carpets, and fancy awards. A film festival can certainly be amazing without any of those standard festival elements, especially if the films are┬ácombined with other enjoyable activities. It is difficult to describe Divan Film Festival to someone who has never been to Cetate, an ex port in …

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Divan Experience

The third stop of the 5C Project was between 23rd and 26th of August in Cetate (Romania). Cetate is a village on the Danube at the borders of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Up to WW1 was a harbour for exporting grain that has been recently turned by Poetry Foundation Mircea Dinescu into a cultural port …

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