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Our editor is going to play (“Our Skin Is Going to Gray, d. Ivan Bakrac, 2014)

During Divan Film & Food Festival, the Cine Caravan attended a workshop “In/Outside the Editing Room”, held by Aleksandra Milovanovic, a teacher at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. The 5 critics were supposed to apply the knowledge obtained at the workshop by writing an analysis of a film seen in Cetate. Although the …

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Divan film, food, drink and friendship festival

Forget all about classy, glamorous film festivals, red carpets, and fancy awards. A film festival can certainly be amazing without any of those standard festival elements, especially if the films are combined with other enjoyable activities. It is difficult to describe Divan Film Festival to someone who has never been to Cetate, an ex port in …

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Divan Experience

The third stop of the 5C Project was between 23rd and 26th of August in Cetate (Romania). Cetate is a village on the Danube at the borders of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Up to WW1 was a harbour for exporting grain that has been recently turned by Poetry Foundation Mircea Dinescu into a cultural port …

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