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Correction: No Country for Immigrants

Interrogating the shifting identities of immigrants and their haters, Correction (Thanos Anastopoulos, 2007) has a documentary style handheld cinematography in its depiction of migration as a current socio-cultural as well as economic phenomenon. It focuses on two characters; an Albanian immigrant and an ultra-nationalist Greek in Greece. The main protagonist Yorgos’ ‘destruction’ of an Albanian person implies the destruction of his own identity and potentially future, which …

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Gazing the Cinematic City of Split

Split is a very cinematic city with its cultural history, landscape, people and nature. Inspired by Boris Poljak, a great cinematographer, filmmaker and our ‘guide’ for a day, this photo diary represents my cinematic gaze over this little pearl of the Mediterranean beauty. Although multiplexes took over this part of the world too, the regional …

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On the Complex Harmony of Academia and Film Criticism

In his workshop on film criticism in Athens on the 22nd of January, 2016, Jean-Michel Frodon, who was an editor in chief of Cahiers du cinema, argued that film reviews are facts in society; they are academic materials but also (potential) works of art. In his ‘negative’ approach to film criticism, however, Frodon identified four bad …

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